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The Pit Zone

The story of the Pit Zone revolves around a character named ‘The Pitster’ who is the host of the Pit Zone. He introduces the Pit Zone and then takes a train ride to Pit 2, a pit school. In Pit 2, rather than smashing lava, Crusty students have a chance to host and tell a story, but not without consequences. After the Pitster explains the rules, a story of interesting characters fades in. At the end of the story, the Pitster makes comments, and then all of this fades out.

A special ops detective named Rooster Kuhn, a.k.a. Tatman, is on vacation in a hidden safe house somewhere in Yosemite, California, after arresting the infamous Billy F(X), a cartel kingpin. When in prison, Billy F(X) cuts a deal with the CIA to make it look like he broke out of jail. CIA terms: move out of the earth and help tame the Martian Republic from their ruthless cartels.

The cat and mouse tail between Billy and Rooster carries the whole story forward, and only time will tell who gets the upper hand.


Book Of Psalms


A Long Journey


Art Of Life



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